Baby Elephant Vest for Patrick

I haven’t been getting my Knitters magazine since we moved, but I think I’m not going to worry about it anymore now that I’ve found Interweave Knits. My lovely aunt, Jane, has this magazine, and this spring when we were at her house, I picked it up for a look. The patterns are all beautiful, but with only one or two simple embellishments or focuses. The patterns in Knitters lately have been growing in complexity and garishness for a few years. Time for something new!

This is the first pattern I’ve tried from Interweave. It’s called a Baby Elephant Vest, which made me sing Baby Elephant Walk so many times while I was knitting this piece, I think Drew was ready to let a Mama Elephant step on me, just to make it stop. It’s still stuck in my head…little elephants bouncing around the savannah…giggling and tumbling.


It’s for Patrick, and the yarn is a light, sport weight yarn in a smoky navy blue. The elephants are in the lace pattern. In case you can’t see them in the big picture, try looking at this close-up:

You can see the legs go up into ears, and the trunk in the middle, with two little eyes peering at you. Cute, huh? It’s a little big right now, but I think he’ll be wearing it to a wedding we’ll be at in October. And then again whenever I can convince him. The pattern was fun, but not really one you could memorize. The needles were size three, also, so it took quite a while. I started it at the beginning of the summer, and just finished two weeks ago. I’m glad it wasn’t an Adult Elephant Vest, or I’d still be working on it! (Ka-pow!)

Here’s my little baby elephant in his vest. What I like best about this vest is its gender flexibility — in the world of kids’ knits, sweaters and vests are so polarized. But I could make this again, for a girl or boy, and it would be just as cute. Hard to believe that when I started this vest, Patrick could only toddle about 5-10 steps, and now he’s running. He only knew a few words (duck, mama, dada, banana) and now he’s doubled it, adding night night, box, ball, shoe, that, and others I can’t remember right now. Someone should remind him that the song is called Baby Elephant WALK, not Baby Elephant RUN.


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