Hobbyhorse for Patrick

So this present is already a hit, although not always in the way I had anticipated.  It’s a hobbyhorse, made from a plain sock pattern in Lamb’s Pride wool yarn and then felted in the washer.  It turned out PERFECTLY, and I had wondrous Mom-visions of Patrick neighing around the apartment, pretending to be a cowboy while I sipped lemonade and laughed jauntily at how imaginative my little man was.   Or something like that.

But he plays with it traditionally only half the time.  This half is extremely rewarding, and totally worth all the “hair plugs” that make up the mane of the horse.  (For the mane, I had to cut an insane amount of 6 inch pieces of yarn, and then thread each one into the felted material with my yarn needle — the powers that pattern wanted me to use a crochet hook, but that proved nigh on impossible.  So I improvised, but it was still putzy and the most time-consuming part of the whole thing.)  The rest of the time, he puts the reins around his neck, and drags the horse around behind him, saying, “Horse coming!”  I’m not sure what kinds of crazy Westerns he’s been watching, but whatevs.  The main point is that he likes it.

I sadly don’t have a picture of him riding it yet — every time he takes it out, we’re not camera-ready, and he’s put it away before we can capture the moment.  But my intrepid mother-in-law caught an adorable shot of him on his pony, so perhaps when I get my paws on that, I’ll update the post to include it.

On a partial side note, since this was a present for his second birthday, I can’t believe he’s 2.  Nuts!  He’s so old!  Totally old enough for a pony.  Now he just needs a cowboy hat, and he’ll be out on the range in no time.



Reversible Frog and Turtle for Godson

It was so thoughtful of my awesome friend, Emily, to have a baby this time last year so that I could make a toy for his first birthday.  I’m sure that was her motivation. 🙂

So, happy birthday to my beautiful, wonderful, happy godson!  He has the best parents ever, and I knew he needed something special to celebrate his first year of life!

This Itty Bitty Toy book I have by Susan Anderson may be the best knitting book ever.  The projects can be a little putsy, but they are the cutest things EVER.  This little guy is no exception.  It’s a reversible frog and turtle.  So you start off by making the frog’s body, then his head, and then you add his spindly little limbs and then give him a cute little face.  All along, you sew the pieces together as you go, so it really is like the toy comes to life as you make it.

Then you rinse and repeat for the turtle — make the body, make the head, make four little stubby legs, and a short i-cord tail.  THEN you get to make all the little squares and shapes for his shell — the top of the shell makes a super cute flower pattern.  If I made this one again, I might consider using scrap yarn and make a little rainbow flower on the top instead of sticking with the mono-chromatic style.  But I have a feeling that my godson has the one and only toy like this in the world — or at least, the only one made by me!

Then you sew all the shell pieces onto the body, which took a little time.  Enter the adjective “putsy.”  But it was a great thing to do while Patrick’s Grandma was in town for the weekend — he played with Grandma, and I sewed a turtle.  Ha!  And then lastly, you make the turtle’s sweet little face — always a little smile on a toy, I’m told!

Then, the grand move — you crochet them together.  This part was much easier than it sounded.  I am not a crocheter, so I don’t know exactly how to use each stitch to my advantage.  I had read these particular directions several times, but never felt like I understood…but when I actually did it, it wasn’t as confusing as I’d anticipated.

So there they are!  A smiley little frog and a happy turtle for a very special, happy little guy.  Happy 1st birthday!  Hooray!

Leprechaun and Pot o’ Gold for Patrick!

For St. Patrick’s Day (Yikes!  Late!), I made a little leprechaun for my very own Patrick.  I took the Santa pattern from my “Little Toys” book, and just changed the colors around to make it a bit less Christmasy and a bit more Irish.  I’m really pleased with the Leprechaun, but I’m not as excited about the pot o’ gold.  It looks like a bag o’ gold, which I guess still fits, but I wish I had given it more of a structure.  Luckily for me, there’s another year around every corner, so soon I can redo the pot o’ gold to make sure it fits with what I want.  Enjoy!

Watch out for that fourth wish...

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