Knitter’s Tank for me

We moved into an apartment recently…well, recently as in three months ago.  Recent enough.  When we moved, I went through all the yarn I had, which took up most of a closet in our house.  I had saved every little scrap from every project, just waiting for a moment when I might need only three yards of Noro Kureyon #348.  So I was able to throw away all the unusable scraps, clearing out more space than I knew I had.

But amongst the small, shapeless skeins and unattached labels, I found a tiny treasure trove of unfinished projects.  Scarves one fourth finished, waiting on a stitch holder.  Sweaters completed except for the sleeves.  Yarns hugging each other tightly, waiting for the time when I would make them into the promised shawl or poncho.

So I created a new Yarn Resolution — no buying more yarn unless it is for a gift project.  I’ve only broken this resolution once since May, which isn’t too shabby.  And this project marks my third completed Yarn Resolution project.

I had finished the back of this top and about a third of the front.  I had comandeered this yarn from another intended project years ago, and so I was just a few yards short of the necessary amount.  But a quick check of the stash showed a white that proved a nice contrast to the tan, and held up well with the sparkly novelty yarn.

It was easy to jump into a project partway through — the only trick is finding where you left off.  That was a little bit of a hurdle, but soon I was knitting away during Patrick’s naptime, watching Battlestar Galactica with gusto.

The next trick came when I had finished the front.  I sewed the two together, and saw that the armholes were like to gaping maws, ready to show off your bra to any casual observer.  With some of the extra white, I did two rounds of single crochet around the edges, and voila!  No problem.

We’ll see how often I wear this top — only time will tell.  Knitted tanks, although fun and quick and easy, languish in my dresser for longer than they deserve.  They stretch out after too many wearings, and don’t stand up well to cleaning.  But the yarn I used for the base here is DK Comfort Yarn by Berroco, which is washable.  I may try it.  Otherwise, I’ll just camisole it up underneath, and solve the problem entirely.

It’s not a color I wear often — light tan, or really, light ANYTHING.  But it’s always good to change it up, try something new, and attempt a new adventure in wardrobe!


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