Sushi Scarf for me

Sushi Scarf!  Sushi Scarf!  I was so excited to make this one!  And I am SUPER pleased to find that it is long enough and warm enough to be a winter-time scarf — it wraps twice around my neck and still criss-crosses in front.  LOVE IT!

Okay, backing up — this was another part of my Christmas scarf extravaganza.  This is another Morehouse Merino knit kit (bless them), and I started this one IMMEDIATELY.  I brought it with for our Christmas trip to Minnesota, and began rolling out some sushi.  Luckily, this sushi didn’t need any special equipment.  Inspired by Guy Fieri, Drew makes a Pork “sushi” roll that is a headache just to watch him make.  (Yes, I am lucky, and hopefully I say thank you enough for all the gourmet meals that come out of our kitchen.)  He has to use a bamboo mat to roll the sushi up, and sometimes it works beautifully — other times, I hear “Sailor Drew” cursing Neptune and his trident from behind the island.

These sushi rolls were a piece of cake.  It was just a long strip of garter stitch with changing colors.  Once it was long enough, I just rolled it up in a spiral and sewed the loose ends through it to secure it.  Easy peasy AND Japanesey.

I only had two issues with this scarf.  One was that once you finish the sushi rolls, it’s just garter stitch the whole way — bo-ring.  That’s why it took me so long to finish it — boredom once the sushi rolls were done.  (or “udon.”)  The second is that the knit kit I received for it did not include enough of the “rice” white yarn — so I had to substitute.  It doesn’t show, though, which is good.  I wouldn’t want it to look like I switchd to brown rice sushi partway through my scarf.

So, here are the pictures — enjoy!   Now I’m looking forward to cooler weather so I can wear this scarf and get some oohs and aahs.  And maybe some free wasabi.


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