Food Rules by Michael Pollan

So we’re STILL waiting for Centurylink to hook up our Internet in the new pad…I finished Anna Karenina weeks ago, but I have way more to say about it than my thumbs alone can handle. I have a knitting project that’s been awaiting its post since March, but who’s counting?
Anyway, I just bought and read this little “eater’s manual” by Michael Pollan. A tiny little compendium, it contains all the food adages you know to be true, but sometimes are loathe to follow. But with breast cancer in the genes, heart disease and diabetes too, his seven words of advice seem like a good idea: eat food, not too much, mostly plants. The first part is not a problem. The middle part gets me down sometimes, and when you’re a dairy lover like me, the last part is really tough.
But I’m about due for the next step in my food life. Drew and I made some big changes two summers ago, and it had substantially affected both of our weightsfor the better. Then came pregnancy, and now, to quote Jenna Maroney, “it’s like I turned on the eating switch and now I can’t turn it off.”.
Summertime resolution: I’m flipping the switch. I will only eat ice cream at Adele’s in MN and at Taos Cow in NM. Ha!
Hopefully Internet will be working here soon, and I can share my thoughts on sad, tragic Russians.


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