Morehouse Merino — This yarn store is a farm in the Hudson River Valley in New York State.  I love their Critter Knits — I’ve made the alligator scarf, and am dying to try more of these imaginative and cute patterns.  Their yarn is soft to the touch and strong, whether it’s bulky or lace weight.  The Nano Scarf #3 is from their site.

Alamitos Bay Yarn Company — Hands down, my favorite store.  Great yarn, helpful staff, and in a marina.  Heaven!

Gail Knits — The first yarn store I checked out in Las Vegas when I moved here.  The staff knows their stuff — especially Gail herself — but the selection trends toward glitzy and eccentric and, you guessed it, expensive.

Wooly Wonders — The yarn store I found here in Vegas some years after our move.  Some very nice fibers — but don’t expect much from this website except directions.

Taos Wool Festival — I am dying to go some year.  Look at how cool this is — how could you resist?

Yarn Country Website — This website contains some great deals on yarn.  They are also great for gathering up one more skein to finish a project — they’ve got a lot of the main players.



Las Vegas Clark County Libraries — Their Books, Movies, and More section has led me to some interesting reads.  Sometimes just, “huh…that was different,” and sometimes, “Wow, I can’t believe I hadn’t read that before.”  And, interlibrary loan is indeed the best invention of our civilization.  No contest.

Nancy Pearl — She’s been my reading guru for a few years now.  I have her recommendations down to a code — “delightful” leads me to a book like I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, which turned out to be a new favorite.  “Challenging” is not a good sign — I pass on what she considers challenging.  “Funny” is usually spot on.

Good Reads — A great site for sharing book reviews or just keeping up on what folks are reading.  I was hesitant to join at first, but I enjoy it.  If I’m feeling verbose (which, sad to say, is often) I can write a review.  If I’m strapped for time, I can just give it a little star rating.  If you join, please friend me on it!

Pulitzer Prize Winners, Newbery Award Winners,   — I check out as many as I can for the past year.

And, lastly, some of my favorite authors currently writing — Margaret Atwood, Natalie Goldberg, Joanne Harris, Neil Gaiman,


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